August 2, 2013

Echeck mod

I added some debugging code to the echeck real time payment code to troubleshoot a problem with the admissions payments. The real time payments didn't load into the table and only loaded from the reconciliation process. I found a problem in the code where the case statement was not handling normal payments (it was handling credit and cancel payments only). I fixed that problem so hopefully the payments will start loading through the real time payment code.

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Degreeworks custom data

I added a new custom data element to Degreeworks this week called CERT. It will pull the certificate code for all active students that have a certificate record in their curriculum. This data element uses a view name DW_CERT to pull the data into Degreeworks.

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July 26, 2013

Tuition Equity and Scarf

I made some changes to the scarf script this week to identify the tuition equity students in Banner and map these students with the scarf code TUEQ. These student have a rate code TEP13 or TEBAS and have an attribute in sgrsatt TUEQ.

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Echeck changes

The echeck process was recently changed that allows Visa payments to be made. This change caused some problems with the reconciliation process because an extra entry is sent for the visa payment fees. I modified the script TZPECHK so that it handles these extra entries (for now it's just ignoring the lines and the cashiers are manually entering the fees into Banner). We are working with the bank to see if these extra fee lines can be removed from the file.

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