Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"
Act I Scene I

INT 342
Translation Project by:
Ashley Paul, Audrey Loudenback, Abby Turver, Susie Strickler, and Bethany Bowman


Assignment Descriptions
Click on the link below for a pdf document outlining the description of this project:
English source rubric

Consumer Profile

Text Analysis

Step 1: Prediction & TAP
Step 2: View & Recall
Step 3: Content Mapping
Step 4: Salient Linguistic Features in Source Language
Step 5: Abstraction
Step 6: Re-telling in Source Language
Step 7: Salient Linguistic Features in Target Language
Step 8: Visualization Mapping
Step 9: Re-tell in Target Language

First, Second, and Final drafts

Our group's back-translation
A back-translation for Act I, Scene II + Video

Testing the Translation
Our group's test results
Test results of Act I, Scene II

Review of Translations
Review of our Final Draft translation
Our review for Act I, Scene II

Final Translation


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Stone Deaf Play, Act II