Stone Deaf Play
Act II

INT 342
Translation Project by:
Ashley Paul, Audrey Loudenback, Abby Turver, Susie Strickler, and Bethany Bowman


Assignment Descriptions
Click on the link below for a pdf document outlining the description of this project:
ASL source rubric

Click here for the ASL source.

Consumer Profile

Text Analysis

Step 1: Prediction & TAP
Step 2: View & Recall
Step 3: Content Mapping
Step 4: Salient Linguistic Features in Source Language
Step 5: Abstraction
Step 6: Re-telling in Source Language
Step 7: Salient Linguistic Features in Target Language
Step 8: Visualization Mapping
Step 9: Re-tell in Target Language

First, Second, and Final drafts
*Note: we decided not to translate some of the parts of Scene I. Click here for an explanation.

Our group's back-translation
A back-translation for Act I

Testing of Translations
Our group's test results
Test results for Act I

Review of Translations
Review of our Final Draft translation
Our Review for Act I

Final Translation


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"Twelfth Night"
Act I Scene I