Salient Linguistic Features in Target Language


Transition to Oralism
Frustration – shows in facial expressions/NMS
Sadness – talking about Oral schools in Europe

National Convention of the Deaf

Introductions are very mechanical – Hello. My name is ____________. No facial expressions, mechanical.
A new person walked onto stage – new interpreter voice?
A place to debate – some anger, some concern.

Milan Conference

Each speaking person has an interpreter - talk slower for them (reflecting their views on deafness)?
Happy tone – the hearing people seem happy to be there.
The group all talks at once – overlap.
Edward Miner Gallaudet – walks out late on stage, strongly opposes Oralism, upset, screams "NO!"
Another woman walks on stage – very slow speech, formal, mechanical.
Use of formal signs for the audience – easier to see, again slower for the deaf?

The Clash of Communication Philosophy

Edward – very concerned tone, almost pleading.
Alexander Graham Bell – angry and harsh tone, slow speech.
AGB walks back and forth for emphasis.
Individual speakers use one interpreter for all – speak harshly like AGB.
AGB – sounds pleased with himself after proposing his plans, smiles.
AGB and Edward argue about what is best for deaf children – AGB uses degrading/demeaning speech.
George Veditz –speaks plainly, somewhat emotionless.