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About Me

I was an Educational Advisor at the Student Enrichment Program at Western Oregon University. I graduated from WOU in June of 2003 with a BS in "The Arts". My emphasises in that major were Theater, Dance and Music. Since my graduation I have worked at the Student Enrichment Program, first as the Office Coordinator and then in 2005 I was hired as an Educational Advisor

I completed a second Bachelor's degree in ASL/English Interpreting in June of 2009 and soon after received NIC certification. I am so excited to be emarking on my next professional journey as an interpreter. Please take the time to check-out my online portfolio. It's a collection of work I completed while going through the interpreting progra at WOU.





I worked as an advisor for SEP for four years. During my time there I created a web-page with links I commonly used throughout my work with students. I also developed an online transfer orientation. The link below is just my own 'pilot' transfer orientation, the one that is currently used by SEP is different and was further developed by the Computing Services and SEP staff at WOU.

Adving Links

Pilot page for transfer orientation



Int 342 -
Stone Deaf Play Translation Project
Group TAP
Group Retell in Source Language

Individual TAP
Group Retell in Target Language
First Draft
Back Translation
Second Draft
Testing for Naturalness

Final Draft
Final Translation

Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" Translation Project

Individual TAP
Group TAP
Content Map
Salient Linguistic Features in Source Language

Retell in Source Language
Retell in Target Language
First Draft
Back Translation for Scene 2

Second Draft
Final Draft
Final Translation

Patrie Assignments:

Patrie English to ASL

Patrie ASL to English































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