Consumer Profile


Consumer Profile

20 high school students visiting a college to see a live production of “Stone Deaf Play”

Ages: 16 – 18

Class: Second in a series of acting classes

Relationships: Student took first acting class together and are familiar with each other

Language Backgrounds: All hearing, 9 students are Native English Speakers, 10 have Spanish as their native language and 1 has Russian as her native language – all speak and comprehend English – class is taught in English only, 2 students have family member(s) that are Deaf and use ASL

Educational Background: 12 students would be first-generation college students (neither parents graduated with a Bachelor’s degree), 8 students have a parent with at least a bachelor’s degree

SES: Mid- Lower class blend

Disabilities: One student has ADD

Teacher: 36 year old Male, Portuguese, Grew-up in Chicago – taught the first acting class – familiar with students

Setting: College campus auditorium with 250 seats and full stage with lighting and sound equipment

Gender: 14 girls, 6 guys

Voice Interpreting: FM system, sitting in the audience, multiple interpreters for different characters

Employer: Interpreters are staff for the college

Geographic Origin:  Traveled from 30 minutes away from college, Burbank California traveling to Northridge

Theater Background: First time class has traveled together to watch college production

Interpreting Experience: First experience for all students watching a play in a language other than English

Regional backgrounds: 19 students from Burbank California area, 1 student is from San Antonio, Texas

Time: 7pm, April 9, 2008 - Wednesday

Cultural Background: 10 Spanish speakers: 8 are first and second generation Mexican-Americans, 2 are Puerto Rican, 1 Russian speaker – first generation from Moscow, 15

9 English Speakers – all Anglo-Saxon mix