Need to establish characters – usually happens through secondary character, not main characters 

Need to establish setting – town name (Illyria) family names, prior conflict or anticipation 

Illyria ( – is a fictional town created by Shakespeare, so there will be ever more of a need to establish where it is, what it is and who lives there. 

Conflict established – again through secondary characters, family or financial problems reasons that Olivia will go into hiding, dressed as a man 

Events leading to the discovery that her brother is dead 

Usually some music before scene begins 

Main characters are usually royalty or very wealthy with “subjects”: maids, nannies, butlers, guardsmen, etc. 

Play on words

Different characters

Opening the scene, introducing the characters

Introducing a problem

Introducing a lover

Set up the mood

Speak in verse

Use old words

Characters interrupting


Kings and Lords

Somebody dies

A Ghost appears

A plot is formed, either to woo someone or to kill someone

Someone goes in disguise

A misunderstanding

Fast paced