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If music be the food of love, then play on!

Olivia’s in morning for her brother
            Crying over his death
            Wearing a veil
            In hiding for 7 years
            Needs control of herself before she can return his affection
            Parts of her being: heart, liver, brain (metaphors for mind, body and soul?)

Duke Orsino:
            Infatuated with love
            Hunting for Olivia’s ‘heart’ but is a ‘hart’ himself
            Worried Olivia won’t be able to return his affections because she’s morning her brother’s death

3 male characters in this scene

Valentine was sent on a task to get information about Olivia

There is music being played

Many play on words

Many metaphors for love: ocean, bank of violets, wind, bed of flowers


The idea of love is addicting and can overtake the soul.