Test Results of Our Translation
By Nicole, Brandon, Lizzi, Robin, Tanya


These are the results from "testing" the second draft. This can be done in a lot of different ways but we asked a native speaker of ASL. Results are then given back to the original translator.

It is very clear and enjoyable. The expressive of Shakespeare's Art is good. What I mean is that I know Shakespeare like to play with words and I felt it fit to certain emotions. "hart" to "heart" good visual picture of using the Shakespeare's words play without trying to put the sound in ASL. You all look like that you took the time to analyzes the meaning of the story and meaning of using words play.

One thing here...I'm not sure what the purpose here.
Are you in process to learn as interpreter role in theatre? If so, I need to see the actually role of interpreting in theatre. Too much of using the space and "entering" and "leaving" scene. Again, I just need little information for the purpose of this project; Interpreter setting or Shadowing interpreting or learning to translating into clear visual meaning from "sounds of Shakespeare?"

Other than that, it is clear to me in visual way of interpreting Shakespeare.