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     Technology in education is as inevitable as reading and writing. The courses I teach or facilitate are an opportunity to experience technology as it might be used in the classrooms, to develop one's skills using technology in the classroom and to critically asset the appropriate use of technology in the classrooms. Computer technology is changing on a daily basis and so this course will parallel those changes with new and different topics and ideas, as well as considering the evolution of technology through the decades, and the impact on society today.

About the Instructor

     My bachelors degree is in mathematics. Denvy I worked for ten years as a mathematician programming computers and establishing computer systems in Alaska. The next fifteen years were spend in a remote part of Alaska near Denali, North America's highest and arguably most beautiful mountain, raising our family of three and making wooden toys. As our children moved on, I adventured into the position of director of student activities at Jamestown College, my Alma Mater in North Dakota. Three years later we moved to Oregon where I earned my MS Ed-IT at Western Oregon University. Since graduation I have taught at Chemeketa Community College and at Western.

     Currently we live in the foothills of the coastal range a short drive from WOU where we built our dream home which we share with our dog, cats and several farm animals. Back in Alaska our oldest son loves the outdoors and works in construction. Just a short distance north of us in Puyallup, Washington, we have two infant grandsons and in the center of the continent we have two near teenage granddaughters and a toddler grandson. Now with Medicare as a part of our life style, we cherish our family and friends more than ever, which includes our students. Our passion is leading groups on community service trips anywhere in the world as well as volunteering locally which includes a free medical clinic. We've been to Mississippi after Katrina with five groups and to Tanzania twice to work with villagers and vulnerable children. August a year ago we helped build a church/conference center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Some Details About Online Classes with this Instructor

     While many instructors rely on teaching or learning management systems like Moodle, I tend to design my own websites. While my websites are not elegant or highly interactive, designing my own websites offers me some creativity and flexibility I cherish. I may use Moodle and other websites for functions such as group discussions and uploading assignments.
     So here are the priorities for success in my classes:
• Follow the course website carefully;
     read the syllabus,
          reference the schedule,
               attend class,
                    follow the links.