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Basics for Using WOU computers

Logging on in ITC001
     Press any key on the computer
     Enter your username, such as jsmith08
     Enter your WOU email password
          Currently all programs at WOU use the same username and password. To change your password go to
          If the above does not work, hold the o/Off button until the computer turns off, after 5-10 seconds press On/Off button to restart the computer. On/Off button in on the back side of the screen near the lower left corner

To Connect to your WOU server folders in ITC001 logon icon

     When you log in with your username and password, icon with you usename will appear on the screen typically in the upper right corner. A new Finder window will appear when you double click on this icon. In this new window you may choose your username or public_html to store your documents and folders on the WOU server.

On a PC these folder/servers are called H-drive: mydocuments and P-drive public_html. Both folder/servers are for your exclusive use; no one else can make changes in these folders. The difference is that only you can view the contents of mydocuments but the contents of public_html can be viewed by others. The public_html folder/server can be used for your website and for assignments to be submitted to your instructor.

Connecting to WOU programs and servers from off campus

     PC: On your home or office PC open the Remote Desktop Connection by selecting All Programs, then Accessories, then Remote Desktop Connection; or Communications and finally Remote Desktop Connections

     Mac: With a Mac you will upload a program called CoRD. You can google search for cord or click here. Or upload a Remote Desktop at and click on English. Then install the program and run it: Remote Desktop.

     Some newer Macs, such as those in ITC001, have a program called Microsoft Remote Desktop. To use this open the program, the first time click on the plus sign "+" near the upoer left corner; a new screen will appear. Call the Connection whatever you wish, "TS" is good; the PC Name will be "". Click on the screen in the background, the orginal screen. The Connection Name will appear on that screen. Click on that Connection Name and a "PC" logon screen will appear. Continue as explained below.

     With either PCs or older Macs, when your remote desktop program is open, type

     A "PC" logon screen will appear and you will again type your WOU username and password. This is like converting your computer to another computer. It is no longer "your" computer; it is now a computer at WOU.

     By clicking on My Computer you will be able to access both the public_html p-drive and the mydocuments h-drive.

     Be cautious not to confuse My Documents on the Desktop with mydocuments on the WOU server.
     Another warning: even though you are working on "your" computer, you are actually working on a "virtual computer" which means the "virtual computer" does not recognize your CDs or memory sticks or printers or anything connected to "your" computer. To transfer information between the "virtual computer" and "your" computer, the best method is to email it as an attachment to your yourself and open it in the "other" computer.


     I will continue to add to this page as changes occur in the system and as students request fundamental information.