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Web2.0 - An Interactive Communication

   Web2.0 is the Internet in which users can communicate with other users of the Internet. This form of communication has evolved to point where everyone is yakking with each other. Creators of websites must use the most recent techniques to remain competitive and attract users. While webpages continue to use HTML tags as a basis for coding, other languages and coding such as CSS, PHP and JavaScript, and more recently HTML5, CSS3, XML.

    A more detailed explanation of Web2.0 and its formation can be found at the following link:

    There are numerous websites that provide information and tutorials for creating websites. This website will recommend only a few. is about as inclusive as any tutorial and includes numerous interactive examples.

    JavaScript is a scripting language with great diversity and while it is noted to be easily learned, a practical method of incorporating JavaScript in a webpage is to find free script online. Several common useful sites include the following:

The previous passowrd script was downloaded from

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