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What we do with our Hands and Feet

Welcome to one of the worlds of my life, the world of nature, the of the outdoors, the world of wood and crafts, the world of travel.

About the Toymaker

     Born upstairs in a farmhouse on the plains of North Dakota, I was probably destined to work with my hands at least a part of my life. As a young student, my dream was to sleep in once and not have to spend the day with cows or in the wind wiped dusty fields. As an adult, I chose farming activities as a hobby, as a release from the other tasks of the day.

     I choose the title of toymaker because for 15 years our family made wooden toys as our main source of income, and of the several titles I might use, this one seems most romantic. During the five years of college, summers were still down on the farm but for the ten in Anchorage working for the federal government. We did build several houses and were involved in creating a subdivision. The next 15 years were in Trapper Creek, a small collection of homes and businesses, about a hour from a reasonably sized town or store. There we made toys and sold them to tourists, as well as living off the land. Ready for more variety and another adventure, we landed in Oregon teaching at colleges, but living in the foothills with a wood shop and a handful of farm animals.

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