Winter 2013

Instructor: Dr. Arlene Courtney, NS 112
Office Hours: MW 9-11, W 1-2 (other hours by appointment)
Texts: Zubrick, "The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual"
Other Materials:Bound Laboratory Manual with carbon copy pages
Course Description:

This course will utilize the laboratory skills that you developed in your general, organic and analytical chemistry courses. You will also learn new techniques and design an investigation of your own. Since this course will fulfill part of WOU's writing intensive requirement, there will be a significant writing component. Your writing assignments will expose you to a number of the different types of written communication used by professional chemists such as letters, memos, proposals, and reports. You will also make extensive use of the chemical literature in this course.


Date Topic Background Reading Assignments Writing Assignments Assignments Due
1/07 Research Project Introduction  

Lead Analysis Proposal (30 pts)
Download Proposal Coversheet
Print Scoring Rubric Copies

1/14 Synthesis of Bouncing Putty Synthesis of Bouncing Putty Silicone Polymers Paper (30 pts)  
1/21 MLK Holiday      



The Oxidation States of Vanadium


Zubrick, Ch 26, 28
Oxidation Reduction Processes
Diagrams Used in Redox Chemistry
Transition Metal Complexes & Color

Academic Laboratory Report (50 pts)

Research Proposal







Chromium Contamination in Natural Waters


Introduction to Spectroscopy
Uv-vis Spectroscopy

Using a Spectronic 20

A Chromium Contamination Site in Corvallis, OR

Memo and Press Release (30 pts)

Silicone Polymers Paper

Proposal Reviews

Print Scoring Rubric Copies



Lead in Pottery Glazes Project



Client Report/Cover Letter Lead Team (30 pts)

How to Do Group Editing of Word Documents

Memo and Press Release

Vanadium Academic Laboratory Report to Editor


quiz icon

Sunscreen Project

Quiz #1

  PowerPoint Class Presentation of Sunscreen Project Results (20 pts)
Resume and Job Application Letter(20 pts)

Vanadium Academic Laboratory Report Final Version


2/25 Micropipetting and Electrophoresis   Writing the Ticket to Work Client Report and Cover Letter




Water Quality Testing via DNA

Background Reading
The Experimental Procedure
Thermocycler Programming Instructions

Quiz #2


Resume and Job Application Letter (20 pts)

A Basic Powerpoint Tutorial




quiz icon

DNA Fingerprinting
The Scenario
The Experimental Procedure

Quiz #2



Resume/Application Letter
Powerpoint Class Presentation
Lab Notebook


a handout
an HTML document
a computer tutorial
literature search


1@50 pts
5@30 pts
1@20 pts

220 pts A: 300-277 pts

B: 260-247 pts

C: 232-220 pts

D: 202-187 pts

F: Below 178pts
QUIZZES 2@30 pts 60 pts
NOTEBOOK 1@20 pts 20 pts
TOTAL   300 pts

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