Silicone Polymer Paper

There are a wide variety of both synthetic and naturally occurring silicone polymers. Using the chemical literature, find representative examples of silicones that are used for the different classes of commercially important types products that are listed in the Background Information section of your experiment. Your paper must be 3-5 typewritten pages. Any chemical structures should be incorporated into your paper either as scanned images, legally downloaded graphics (either from the public domain or cited with a reference) or drawn using chemical drawing software such as the ChemSketch freeware which is available for download from the internet. You must reference all information that would not be general knowledge. Your references must conform to the style described in the ACS Style Guide which is available in the reference room of the Hamersley Library, in the writing intensive course resource center or on the shelf in the organic lab.. Your paper may NOT consist entirely of web references. You must have references from other library sources. You should use Chem Abstracts or other library databases to find information from the scientific literature. Scientific news publications such as C& E News or Science News would be acceptable references. The paper is due (uploaded to Moodle) by 5 pm on the day listed as the due date for your group for this assignment.. Late papers will not be accepted. This assignment is worth a total of 30 points.