Writing Assignment for Chromium Contamination in Natural Waters

For this experiment, you will generate two short technical writing products.


In this experiment, you, a student of Anytown University,tested water samples obtained from various locations along Anywhere River in an effort to pinpoint the source of chromium (VI) contamination. Each of the sampling sites was chosen to measure the chromium concentration in the river directly downstream from a potential point source - agricultural, landfill, or industrial.


You will report your results in two different forms (10 points each).

  • A memo
  • A press release
Each type of writing product is intended for a different audience.

The Memo

Your memo will function as the tool for reporting your experimental findings to your uncle,Mayor Somebody of Anytown, who requested that you do the testing to locate the contamination source.

Your memo should contain the following information:

  • the purpose of the memo
  • a summary
  • a statement of the problem which led you to conduct your analysis
  • the concise description of the methods used
  • the results you obtained
  • your conclusions
  • recommendations for remediation

Click here to access information on memo writing.

The Press Release

You will prepare a press release to the Anytown Times, the weekly local newspaper, exposing the source of the contamination. Your press release must be written to appeal to the editor of the newspaper as well as the general public who will ultimately read the story. A press release communicates a news story at the same time it promotes your organization. Although it is important for the citizens of Anytown to be aware of the contamination of their river, you also want to use the reporting of your findings to advertise the virtues of the Chemistry Program at Anytown U in a subtle manner.

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