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  • The campers are starting to arrive! Are you coming to campus for the eclipse?
#howlaboutit #eclipse2017
  • The @wouwolfstore will be open over the weekend for our eclipse guests. There's some awesome stuff in there!
  • The final few performances of Much Ado About Nothing start tonight on this amazing outdoor stage. This is a shot from the back. Want to see the front? Head to Rice Auditorium for the 7:30pm show tonight, tomorrow or Saturday. It's free! #howlaboutit
  • Do you qualify for the Oregon Promise? If so, check out our new 2017-18 scholarship programs to help you get the university experience. Learn more at wou.edu/finaid. #howlaboutit
  • Temps hit triple digits. WOU squirrels be like 
  • Did you see the new food truck in town? Greek food on North Catron. Have you tried it?
  • We're a month away! There are still camping and RV spots available on campus. Visit wou.edu/eclipse. 
Will you be on campus for this incredible event?
  • Team WOU finished cycling from Seattle to Portland! Way to go! #howlaboutit #bikestp
  • The WOU crew is more than halfway through today's ride of 100 miles! Have you seen them on the road? #howlaboutit #bikestp
  • The WOU crew logged half their journey - 100 miles so far. Amazing! #howlaboutit #bikestp
  • A group of WOU employees are biking from Seattle to Portland this weekend, sporting a rad WOU cycling kit. If you see them on the road, post a pic with #howlaboutit and #bikestp!
  • Anyone else enjoying this gorgeous day? #howlaboutit #summer

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Eclipse Movies by WOU

August 20, 2017, 10:00am - August 20, 2017, 6:00pm

WOU has created three short films about the Eclipse that will be showing at Indy Commons. Movies will rotate and start on the hour. Bamboleo! Presented by: Melinda Shimizu, PhD Assistant Professor of Earth Science and GIS Melinda Shimizu presents at Western Oregon University’s annual Academic Excellence Showcase. Her piece of the plenary session explains eclipse totality, the history of eclipses and eclipse-viewing safety. Learn more about the cultural and scientific implications of eclipses from a WOU professor. As a bonus, hear a welcome from WOU President Rex Fuller and a student performs her eclipse themed poem. How to Get the Most from the Experience Presented by: Richard Berry, M.Sc. Richard Berry has been an amateur astronomer and telescope maker for as long as he can remember. At age 13, he ground and polished his first telescope mirror. He eventually completed a dozen telescopes. He was the editor of Astronomy magazine for 16 years and has written several books about astronomy and telescopes. Berry plans to observe the eclipse from his own small observatory near Lyons. In addition to taking pictures, he’s participating in an experiment to measure the gravitational deflection of starlight by the sun, replicating the famous Einstein-Eddington experiment of 1919 that confirmed General Relativity. Eclipse Lore and a Guide to Viewing Presented by: Jon and Susan Brewster Jon and Susan are local astronomers who recently have been featured in the Polk County Itemizer Observer and on local TV broadcasts. They share eclipse lore, explain what to see, instruct viewers how to be safe and answer audience questions. The Brewsters have been watching the stars since Halley’s Comet whizzed past Earth in 1986, and they began planning for this eclipse in 1991.

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  • Eclipse 2017 - August 21 Monmouth & Independence. Welcome guests for the Eclipse. More information for your stay.


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