Holy blog creation, Batman!


Well, I guess that joke kind of dates me. I'm still amazed, though; I just ran the mass blog creation script, and our server created 5102 blogs in only 25 seconds. Do we have fast hardware or what?

So now everybody at WOU has a blog. Yes, this means you, too. You can start it up by going to http://www.wou.edu/blogadmin; use your normal username, but for now the password is the last four digits of your ID number (unless you already had a blog, in which case the password is still whatever it was before.) Hopefully within a few days we'll set up password synchronization so that when you change your main password via the account lookup page it will also set your blog password.

For help getting going on your blog, take a look at the general blogging FAQ, and the WOU blog server FAQ (Part 1, Part 2)


Thanks to Ron for all of his hard work in creating the script for mass blog creating. Paul was having to create each blog manually from a web page. Very time intensive.

Hey man, can I buy this script from you?

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