Week Three!

Yet again, a week late with my blog post!

Third week of classes gone by, the year is already going by so fast. My classes are starting to get more demanding and I will have more independent work this weekend but having classes only two days a week means I have plenty of time!

I went into Central on my own on Monday which was so nice. I love London so much and as hopefully my future home, I want to get it to know it more. I needed a book for French so I found a bookshop on Charing Cross to get it, having lunch on the way. The weather wasn’t ideal but being from Seattle a little rain was’t a big deal. It was nice to be in Central on my own and go at my own pace and even getting lost once or twice was fine because then I will learn more about the city.

Need to go in again on Friday for an eye test at Specsavers and then spending the say with aunties in Surrey which I am really looking forward to. It is amazing how comfortable I feel here and how much like home it feels.

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