2nd Week in Tübingen

I feel like these weeks are getting longer. Sleeping was hard and eating was harder. For the first week or so I was getting up at the strangest hours and eating hardly anything. Eventually I got use to the time zone and was back to at least three meals a day and just about eight hours a night of sleep. I would stay up late and Skype my girlfriend but to me it was worth it.

Class is my favorite thing (I never would think i’d say that) but it is so much fun. My german is improving very fast and communicating is becoming easier and easier everyday. What we were working on was very helpful because it is what I struggled with back in Uni. I was becoming more comfortable with my classmates and I love the people at my table. I sit next to a Russian kid and across from a girl from Taiwan. Next to her is my friend Tom from London. I have learned a lot about another cultures. I sure wish it was more like that in the States. I did a short presentation on Oregon and I feel like it went well except I did not have pictures. I cannot describe the beauty of Oregon. Not even in english.

The first week was very hot. I did not plan for that weather. I was sweating all day everyday and I hated it. Eventually it started to cool down to a more comfortable temperature. As I write this, it is raining. Im happy with that.

The first week we took a walk to some woods near by and had a small snack by the river. I did not sit down, nor eat because I was to fascinated by the woods. I walked about a half mile up the river by myself and explored till I had to go back. Once I met back up with the group they were still sitting and talking. So I went another direction and climbed a tree to get a better view of the fields and forest. On the way back I found a huge frog on the path that everyone missed. It did not move and seemed very dehydrated. I picked up the frog with some bark and walked it down the path back towards the river. I waded in and set the frog on the other side away from people. It did not move once I set it down so it might have been to late. At least it was in a better place than the hot pavement.

In the middle of the week we had a Japanese night in which the Japanese students hosted a night where we could learn all about their culture. It was very interesting and seems like an awesome place to visit. At the end of the week, classes 1-8 took an excursion to the Bodensee. It was very beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone looking for some where to go in southern Germany.

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