Less than 24 hours

I currently have a break from a project we have been working on and I decided I’d write my last blog entry. Argentina has open my eyes in varies ways. Whether it was listening to the many conversations that happened within the VOX space, seeing the reality of folks living within Rosario in comparison to the outer cities/towns or towns in the northern part of Argentina, interacting with people from different backgrounds and ideologies, challenging myself to see things from another point of view even though it at times was extremely uncomfortable, working with the resources available, and so much more has definitely made me grow as an individual. All of the relationships I established and folks I came across is probably the biggest thing I am going to miss and take with me. I know that it will not end here; now that I will be flying back to Oregon. My wish and intentions are to continue to keep in touch and collaborating with everyone in one way or another. Furthermore, I am going to miss not being able to participate more within the organization. Now that I am leaving, things have been picking up so much more. NOW for instances. We are working on promoting the group and a bar of Rosario and making videos. I’ll literally be working until a few hours before I leave. On another note, there are projects to go to neighborhoods, HIV survey, or an event for the Stonewall Riots that I have been contributing too that I wont be able to be present at the time of the event. I wish I could stay to see how everything turns out, but I am also aware that this day would come.

Going home is a bitter sweet feeling. I am super excited to see my family and friends (now that I am not as emotional as I was last week and am basically in a “okay, lets go now” mentality). I know as soon as I get to Independence, I am going to go eat some Primos tacos and a torta with lots of hot sauce! I have been applying for jobs and have a few meetings and things I need to do right when I get back so that’ll help me in a sense transition back. I think though after that, it’s going to be a process once again getting use to the whole USA culture and how life is over there. Being in Argentina, I was most of the time surrounded by folks who thought and acted much different than what U.S. citizen think and do. As a social science major, I knew where I stood in terms of my view of the U.S.A and being here reinforced that. Now stepping back in, I hope it doesn’t overwhelm me…I’ll be fine though…

I fly out from Buenos Aires in less than 24 hours and will arrive to Portland around noon on Tuesday. I can’t wait to finally be able to drive my car HAHA. But seriously, if there is something i really can’t wait for, it is the food. I CAN’T WAIT TO EAT SOME DELICIOUS MEXICAN FOOOOOOOD!!!

Argentina has been real and welcoming. I thank you Argentina. But my time has come. Oregon, nos vemos en unas horas! 

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  1. For many students, the end of their program is bittersweet. On the one hand they are eager to see family and friends and on the other, they find it difficult to leave behind all of the new friends and experiences from their time abroad. You have done some amazing work in Rosario and you have so much to be proud of. I am looking forward to seeing you and learning more about VOX. Safe journey. Michele

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