Ready for the Next Chapter

Graduation!! That came out of no where.

I cannot believe I just graduated from Western Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree this past weekend. It was so refreshing getting to graduate with all my friends, and having my family there to support me. It will definitely one of the best and most memorable days of my life, and I am not saying that just because I graduated, but because it is the beginning of my next chapter, and because I may have tripped on my way to my seat at the beginning of the ceremony. I guess it is nice that even though I walked across the podium to receive my diploma a different person, I still got a little of my clumsy, childish personality that keeps me being me.

I am so blessed for all the opportunities I have had as well as for my experiences throughout my college years, my internship, and my life thus far.


Class of 2014


My two younger brothers and I


My lovely parents

It is amazing, how fast time passes by, I cannot emphasize that enough. It feels like just yesterday, my parents were dropping off, a nervous, insecure, scared, Marlen at Western Oregon University’s campus four years ago. Now, I am a completely different. I am in awe, looking back and seeing how much I have grown and changed over those years. I feel so ready for my next path, my next chapter.photo2

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About Marlen

Hello. You are probably wondering who I am and what I am all about. Well, for starters my name is Marlen, I am currently a student at Western Oregon University majoring in Community Health with a minor in Human Biology and for the rest, you will have to see.

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