Nicole- A little bit about myself


My name is Nicole. And I will be studying abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica this Winter and Spring term. I decided to study in Costa Rica because I enjoy traveling and have not traveled to any countries in that area. I also am wanting to speak Spanish fluently, so living in Costa Rica will be a great way to learn!

2 thoughts on “Nicole- A little bit about myself

  1. Are you doing a home stay while you are there? I was just in France and found it a really helpful way to get to know the language because you are forced to use it ALL the time even when at home!

    • Yes I am living in a home stay here, but I have a lot of roommates who speak English so its not 24/7 Spanish. I have so much Spanish per day that my brain gets a little overloaded I think, but I definitely would pick it up faster if I were only immersed in Spanish!

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