The arrival back into the U.S was a completely different experience! This time, I had my mom and my boyfriend waiting for me with a PB and J sandwich, apples, and some chips! I had put in this request weeks ago! I was so excited to be home to see my family! No more late night talks on Skype, no more missed emails, and no more asking to borrow someones international phone! I could actually talk to these people and touch them! When I finally made it through customs, my family was no where to be seen! This was their first time picking someone up from an international flight, so they were waiting close to the gate where the plane actually arrived. When I saw them, I ran to give them each a hug and a kiss! I finally felt a sense of being home! I really appreciate getting to talk to my family members, touch them, and having that ability to get in the car and go and visit them whenever I want!

What I miss the most about China… Everything but the frog! I especially miss the friends that I had made! Staying up late and having girls night, laughing, and playing games! Learning about England from our new friends! Paul, who I really bonded with taught us about pressure points on our bodies to help us remember things, get rid of headaches, and to help with foot pains (we had lots of those)! I also miss all the adventures we had! We would wake up and would hit the ground running! We wouldn’t stop until it was time for our heads to hit the pillow! With this, we got to see so much and do so much! I don’t regret a single thing we did while we were there!

If the opportunity ever arises again, I will jump on it so fast! I had so much fun learning new things, seeing so many sights that I never thought I would, and creating memories that will last forever!

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  1. All of the students on the TCM program have commented about how wonderful it was to have the unexpected connection with the English group. I think meeting people from all around the world is one of the most rewarding things about going abroad. Michele

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