Last Days

As I prepare to go home I think of the expectations I had in the beginning and what they are now. I believe that somethings have changed but they were not the expectations, but it was me that changed. I was the one that grew by immersing myself in a culture that I fully did not comprehend, but I still jumped in with two feet. That is why I have come to a point at the end of my journey where I realize that good things will always be there even if you are not there presently. Its what you keep in your heart and mind that the events that I experienced that I will keep forever.

One of these moments was meeting the two Delhi University students at my internship. Their names are Smiridi and Puja. We always joked around but we always knew that we had to be serious when it came to our work. So their were times where we got into intensive talks about global governance and public policy in India.

Then there were the interns from the state of Gujarat. Their names were Dharmavirsingh, Bhargov, and Jatin. We also used joked around and we always had a good time. There was not a time that one of us was not laughing.

Then there was Manda who worked for the organization. She was the livelihood coordinator who took me on day trips to places where the organization was doing livelihoods. She taught me that that sometimes the best way to do something is to test it out, even if you did not do know what you were doing. She never said this specifically but she always strived for this goal, because she loved what she was doing.

Lastly are my advisors. Their names are Amit Khedkar and Dr. Sudha Kothari. They were the two that guided me though the project that I was working on. Since this was a new idea for the organization they also were learning. They always pushed me to come up with new solutions that could be developed through this volunteer project.

Lastly, I want to give myself a  pat on the back. Not to sound  self conceded, but I feel I have gained so much more then I actually put into this project. That is why I find solice in coming home because I feel that I have grown as a human being for what India has taught me.

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  1. Thank you for this reflective post. As I read it, I could feel the changes in you. Congratulations for taking the risk to have this amazing experience in India. Michele

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