After about seven great weeks I am home. I definitely have mixed feelings about being home, but they are good feelings. I was able to extend my trip by going to Italy with my mom and cousin, but by the end of that I was definitely ready to come home! Having them in London and then Italy reminded me of what was waiting at home, so I felt the strongest connection then to going home. My time in London was the perfect amount of time for me because I was able to experience the culture and make new friends, but it wasn’t so long that I was super homesick.

My arrival in the U.S was much more calm and relaxed. Because of my flight being so delayed arriving in London, I was exhausted, a bit stressed and definitely nervous as to what to expect. My arrival in the U.S was the total opposite-we got in early on each fight and each flight was one step closer to being home and surrounded by the familiar. Even though I am very glad to be home I definitely miss London. By the end of my visit I felt so confident getting around and I really felt like I knew what I was doing. I miss that. Home is a very nice contrast to the busy London life and I’ve had a few days to relax and get back into a normal routine. I definitely miss the afternoon tea in London and having great excursions to amazing places! I’ve learned so much, done so much, and made great friends that I know I’ll stay in touch with for years to come. Overall an amazing trip!

DSC01319I’m definitely missing high tea!

group at chatsworth

DSC01136New friends!


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  1. Wow, Seem like you had an awesome time. I envy you right now because this is my 5th week in Mexico and I’m ready to go home. Still have 11 days here. I’m enjoying it but I’ll be happy I’m home. Glad you made it home alright. Give the Good USA a big hug for me. Haha

  2. Welcome home, Molly. I’m glad London was successful for you and that you enjoyed Italy so much with your family. Life is filled with contrasts and opposites, and international travel always provides both. Michele

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