I’m half way there!

A very overdue update on week 3, but all week it was crazy to think that after this week I’m already half way through my time here!

On Saturday June 29th the social program took us on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath! Stonehenge was great and lucky for us we got to visit on a beautiful day! There were lots

of people but we were able to make it through the queue pretty quickly and then we were given free time to make our way around! Next we went to visit Bath which was this gorgeous little town about an hour away from Stonehenge. Here we had lunch, got to visit the Roman Baths and then were given a chance to explore the city. Baths was full of people and things going on, it was a great place to visit. After getting lunch at a little place called la baguette a group of us went to walk around and we came across a market. We got to tour the Roman baths

and at the end you were able to try the water which is suppose to be full of healthy minerals but the water was warm and tasted really gross. After the tour, Chelsea and I went to find ice cream and then walked down to the river where we found a park to relax for awhile. While sitting there, some British guys came up and chatted with us for awhile. It was funny because we were teaching them things about America, and they were from London so we asked them what was something we had to do their before we left from a locals point of view. They called themselves “horrible Londoners” because they didn’t know about any of the things to do there. We ended up teaching them about the Tower of London because we had went there last week so it was a funny to be able to have a conversation with people from here since we don’t get to very often.

Sunday Chelsea and I went to the Sea Life Aquarium in South bank! It’s a close walk away from where we are staying so it was a good day! After we treated ourself to a nice dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant and because it is starting to finally get nice here we were able to sit outside! Lastly, I went with a group of people to an arcade that is also in South Bank where we rode bumper cars, played games, and bowled! There bowling here is a little different then back at home because you play like you do other arcade games in a sense. You have to put a certain amount of pound coins in to play, there are no bowling shoes, and the lanes are a shorter than ours. It was a lot of fun though!

I have approached the last week of my session 1 course, online entertainment management, and overall I have enjoyed it. I created an idea for a mobile application and created a presentation for it, and wrote an academic report on back channeling using microblogging.  Although it was a challenge learning the structure for which they do things here I got to look deeper into our social media and why we do the things we do so I look back on it being a positive learning experience.

We end session 1 with a boat party along the Thames river that was put on by the school Thursday night and it was our last time to spend time and say goodbye to those who were only here for session 1. This also happened to be fourth of July for us Americans! So after a group of us went to this diner for milkshakes and it was decorated with american flags and red white and blue balloons with stars on them. I found it interesting how you could find places around London that celebrate fourth of July but it was a cool experience!






The top left picture are the group of girls that I’ve connected with and the top right picture i most everybody in our big group that live! Obviously this isn’t everybody in the International Summer school program but it’s our little family here that we formed in the beginning because we all live in International house! But Chelsea, the bottom picture, has by far been the girl I have grown closest with over these past 3 weeks and now she is gone because she was only here for session 1. I miss her so much, we had so much in common and made so many great memories together that it was hard to see her leave. Until next time though, she is from Pittsburgh but we plan on meeting up with each other within the next year!

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  1. Your program is providing such wonderful fun, cultural, and educational experiences. Your enthusiasm comes through in your writing, and I can tell you are learning so much. Michele

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