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Sponsored Research Office

Project Evaluation for:

The Global Climate Change in Education Institute for Teachers

Project Director(s):


Dr. William Schoenfeld (Physics) and

Dr. Adele Schepige (Teacher Education)

Contact Phone:








Funding Source:


NASA-Global Climate Change in Education Program

Project Description:

The purpose of Western Oregon University (WOU) Natural Sciences Division's Global Climate Change in Education Institute for Teachers (GCcIFT) is to enhance the content knowledge of K-8 teachers in the science of global climate change (GCC). Dr. William Schoenfeld and Dr. Adele Schepige of WOU are the project's Principal Investigators.

The goals of the GCcIFT project are to:

1) Develop a comprehensive K-8 GCC curriculum aligned to national and state standards in science, mathematics and geography - the curriculum in large part uses NASA's curriculum resources;

2) Field test curriculum materials with a K-8 partner school;

3) Provide professional development to in-service and pre-service teachers to increase their content knowledge about GCC and resources in GCC education through two, three-day Institutes in 2010 and 2011 at WOU;

4) Integrate literacy in GCC education with a special focus on children's literature related to GCC, the project evaluates a collection of literature for accuracy and appropriateness in K-8 settings; and

5) Create a sustainable GCC education program housed at WOU.

The evaluation of GCcIFT serves both formative and summative purposes. Teacher perception and feedback and project staff reports are key sources of information on progress and modification of curriculum and Institute, and for and professional development outcomes for teachers. The utility of activities and content will be assessed for both the Institute and for use in the classroom, in addition to the utility of the children's literature component. Evaluation activities include,

1) constructing a comprehensive database that can be further built on for use as a sustainable GCC program and program outcomes monitoring tool;

2) conducting Institute and field test surveys with participating in-service and pre-service teachers around overall professional development and Institute activities, GCC related activities, project disseminated materials; and

3) collecting project staff reports around progress and lessons learned.

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