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Sponsored Research Office

Education Evaluation Center (EEC)

Learning Disability Assessment Program

Project Director:


Ken Kosko, Director

Marlene Richards, Assistant Director

Contact Phone:


1-800-541-4711 or

503-838-8751 or


FAX: 503-838-8693



Funding Source:


Oregon Department of Human Services

Project Description:

The Education Evaluation Center (EEC) is contracted with the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services (DHS) to recruit and manage a network of independent evaluators throughout the state of Oregon in order to provide Learning Disability (LD) assessments to participants in the Temporary Assistance To Needy Families (TANF) program. The EEC staff provides regional inservice training to DHS case managers and partner staff on: a) recognizing and screening clients for possible learning disabilities, b) interpreting and utilizing assessment information in the service delivery process, and c) providing accommodations and/or assistive technology to participants with LD in vocational, work, training, and educational settings.

The EEC recruits licensed independent evaluators from throughout the state to conduct functional LD assessments of DHS participants. These evaluators are individually interviewed on the project goals and process and sign a contract agreeing to: assess "at risk" TANF clients based on a screening tool; write comprehensive reports including accommodation needs likely to increase the success of participants in job preparation, academic and independent living settings; and explain assessment results to the clients and DHS case managers and/or support staff. The EEC manages all aspects of the assessment project including scheduling, monitoring and billing. Data is collected on the DHS participants and assessment results through a computerized tracking system developed by The Teaching Research Institute and are inputted into the DHS data system for all TANF participants.

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