Week 4 London living

Currently in bed after a great but veerry late night last night. I feel so much more lively here than at WOU, hope that is okay to say…

It was a but of a rough week with actual assignments due for the first time which included a 1200-1500 word paper for my Philosophy of Religion class and worksheets for Linguistics. Very happy to be done for the week.

Probably going into Central tomorrow for a wander and to pick up my new pair of glasses I apparently need. Also my friends from Sweden are in London for the weekend so spending the day with them on Saturday and showing them around London and doing a pub crawl in the evening which will be lovely.

I am so happy here but I suppose the only thing is having a proper routine. I stayed up so late last night which means I woke up really late and still might have a nap or go to bed earlier than normal. A nighttime routine is proving difficult for a lot of my friends though because some of them go out every opportunity. I don’t know if I will just get used to it or I will eventually have some kind of routine. All part of Uni life though πŸ™‚

Week Three!

Yet again, a week late with my blog post!

Third week of classes gone by, the year is already going by so fast. My classes are starting to get more demanding and I will have more independent work this weekend but having classes only two days a week means I have plenty of time!

I went into Central on my own on Monday which was so nice. I love London so much and as hopefully my future home, I want to get it to know it more. I needed a book for French so I found a bookshop on Charing Cross to get it, having lunch on the way. The weather wasn’t ideal but being from Seattle a little rain was’t a big deal. It was nice to be in Central on my own and go at my own pace and even getting lost once or twice was fine because then I will learn more about the city.

Need to go in again on Friday for an eye test at Specsavers and then spending the say with aunties in Surrey which I am really looking forward to. It is amazing how comfortable I feel here and how much like home it feels.

Second week of classes

Definitely not a great blogger!

It is currently the middle of the third week of classes but this blog post will be about the second week.

Finally got my time-table all sorted out and I am taking Linguistics, Philosophy of Religion and French. I think it will be an interesting but challenging term, particularly with linguistics and philosophy. I only have classes two days a week which is definitely different from academic life at WOU but I quite like it, just means you have more time for homework and studying. I also like not starting before 9am πŸ™‚

As school work hadn’t really started coming yet, I had a good relaxing Thursday. Friday was one of flat mates birthdays and we went to the Westfield shopping centre then out to dinner followed of course by BOP, the event that happens every Friday on campus.

I also started kickboxing which is hard and very strenuous but will be so worth it! πŸ™‚

More to come very soon as I was late with this post.


First week of classes at Roehampton


I am already a terrible blogger because I have been in England for almost three months and am writing my first post.

Classes at the University of Roehampton started this week and I am feeling pretty rough with Freshers Flu from last week which was Freshers Week. It was so much fun though, partying, making Β new friends and getting close with my flat mates, I am having a lot of difficulty sorting out my modules, whoever does that is doing a poor job of making sure everything works.

When it comes to living in London, it is amazing. Being English and having been here so many times, I did not experience any culture shock and I love having half my family so close. London is my favourite city in the world and so far I am absolutely loving living here.

More to come!