Berlin Pre-departure

I am physically and mentally exhausted so no photos right now.  Lately, my only respite has been in airports and I still have 20 hours to go.  I’m excited to finally get to Berlin, I’ve spent the last 30 days hating life at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington for the ROTC LDAC.  After spending half of that time in the field and living deprived of all electronics and any other facet of normal life (simply for the sake of being unpleasant), the return to civilization will be a welcome change, provided Berlin isn’t a sensory overload for me.  This will be a difficult transition and a slow start, I left during finals week and couldn’t touch my computer until the day I left for Germany, and I haven’t taken a language class in over a year.  To make sure I was prepared I did my best to research German customs and culture.  My intent is to blend in as best I can and not look like a tourist foreigner.  I’ve been in Germany three times before but only for a few hours flying through, and even then I was locked down in an isolated terminal.  From what little experience I have and from what I’ve read/heard Germany should seem pretty familiar to me; organized, clean, polite.  I’m expecting there to be an ever-present stark contrast between modern Germany and centuries old Germany.  I definitely don’t feel prepared for this but that’s my first challenge and half the fun.

2 thoughts on “Berlin Pre-departure

  1. William,

    Good luck with your language course and with blending in. I am sure things will start going a lot better for you once you have been there for a couple days and have had time to get settled in. When I first got to Vienna everything was so new and crazy and I didn’t understand the language and it was really overwhelming and I wanted to be back at home, but now I am having such a great time here. I didn’t feel prepared at all either and I am making it just fine now so I hope that will be the case for you as well. Good luck!


  2. Moving in and out of military life and civilian life must be very challenging. Once you are settled in, relaxed, and enjoying your civilian life again, you will be able to embrace your Berlin experience. Even though you haven’t taken a German class in over year, you have many years of study behind you that will serve you well. I wish you an amazing time personally and academically, and I look forward to learning about Berlin through your eyes. Michele

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