Leaving for Argentina

In just two days I will be on my way to Argentina. Although I have been planning this trip for months, I can’t believe that its almost time to go.

I’m looking forward to immersing myself in Argentine culture, and overall I feel pretty confident about the cultural experience I will have. I expect to have some challenges and misunderstandings– both with the culture and with the language–but I plan on keeping a positive attitude and not getting discouraged. I know I’ll be able to figure out how to fit into the culture, and I know that the challenges I will face will make this a more rewarding experience.

What does concern me is the fact that I will be working in this environment. Since I am doing an internship abroad, my time in Argentina will affect many people besides myself. I worry that if I have a hard time adapting or make mistakes at work there be more consequences for others, whereas any faux pas I make outside of work will really only affect me. However, I hope that by doing my best to communicate and asking for help or clarification when I need it I will also have a good work experience.

Overall I am really looking forward to starting my experience in Argentina!

One thought on “Leaving for Argentina

  1. If feels like so long ago that I was gearing up to leave for my trip to Ireland. I loved reading this because it brought me back to that moment. It was only 3 months ago, but feels forever ago already. I hope you enjoy your trip and get out of it what you are hoping for! 🙂

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