Preparing for Home

Leaving Spain is more bitter than sweet. Four months in this beautiful country does not seem adequate for all of the adventuring I still have left to do, new friends with whom I wish to practice my improved Spanish skills, weekly routines I hate to give up… I was pretty optimistic before my trip abroad. I was ready, emotionally, for new experiences, a new chapter. However, I could not have anticipated how well I adjusted and soaked up all beautiful Barcelona had to offer. Homesickness was not really an issue for my independence and open mind led me to one awesome experience or friendship to another.

 The friends in my program, Carmen & Teti (my host moms), my classes, my weekend travels, my favorite bars… There is so much to be missed. Every aspect of my trip abroad tied together nicely and made for a great social, academic, spiritual balance.

 I do look forward to returning home though; I miss the company of mom and kitties a lot! I look forward to so many foods- ranging from breakfast in general, to Cheez-its, to Taco Bell. I miss my friends, my room, and having a backyard. Really looking forward to cooking and baking again too. My kitchen utensils miss me and my mom is ready to be my recipe guinea pig again 🙂 

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