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Well it’s 10 days to go, then Kelsey and I will be off for a grand adventure in Costa Rica!! To say that I’m nervous is just a tiny understatement. I’m also extremely excited :). I am ready to take this on head first!! So far the packing process has been successful (minus shopping for a few things) and saying goodbye to family and friends has been bittersweet.

I am very excited to meet my host family. So far I have not received any information about them though, and I am not sure where they are located. I would imagine it will be an interesting experience to live with a family that I have never met, and try to communicate in Spanish (which I am somewhat limited in). It will be challenging, but I am excited to have this experience.

I would imagine living within the Costa Rican culture will be more laid back that that of the United States. From what I have heard (from people who have gone to Costa Rica) all of the people are extremely nice and helpful. I have heard that they speak slower than other Spanish speakers, so that will be very helpful to me. I would say that my one preconceived notion of Costa Rican culture would be the laid back friendly nature I am expecting them to have. I am also expecting it to be a very beautiful place with interesting architecture (see the pictures).

I am so excited for this opportunity, and it is only 10 days away!! 🙂 Hoping everyone else is getting excited for their trips as well (if they are not already there)!!  Megan

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  1. Even though I’ve traveled a lot, whenever I’m headed for a new destination, I still become very excited and a bit anxious about the unknown. I’ve learned, though, that the willingness to forge ahead and tackle the unknown brings rewards and unexpected surprises. You’re at the beginning of a wonderful journey. I’ve not visited Costa Rica, so I’m eager to learn from you through your blogging. Michele

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