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Dear Ezi

Life got you down? Problem with your lover? Get some advice from the fabulous drag queen Ezi LaChance. Get your life straight, unlike her.

Dear Ezi,

I’m a freshman here at Western and I was really blasé with how I dressed in high school. I am kinda working on doing a bit of a makeover! Any tips?

-New Year, New Me

Dear New Year, New Me,


First, it’s so great to be back and writing these! Now your Q: you should not change yourself a ton, be who you are and be proud of that! There is only one you and they are wonderful!

When revamping one’s style, one should always make sure one is comfortable and happy with it! With fall coming, scarves and sweaters are always a win; also cute layers work wonderfully! When slayage time is here, serve it queen! Serving it is all about confidence; half of the time I only look good because what I’m wearing is a ton of confidence! Make sure you keep a good balance in your style. Try something new from time to time, but keep it practical! Don’t go too crazy — leave that for us drag queens!


Slay it gurl!

XO Esmeralda


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