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Bidding a fond farewell

Western says goodbye to retiring staff and faculty

Sam Dunaway | News Editor

Debbie Diehm

Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs/National Student Exchange Coordinator

Years at Western: 30 years and 10 months

Favorite part of working at Western: “The students. You are all so clever and smart. You are all gracious, too.  Not a day goes by without hearing about students volunteering locally or globally or students fund-raising for others in need.”

Plans after retirement: “Doing what I want to do! Of course, projects at home, spending time with family and traveling.”

Photo by: Paul F. Davis

Angela Barry

Office Manager at Public Safety

Years at Western: 14 years

Favorite part of working at Western: “Working with the students here. I have made some good friends!”

Plans after retirement: “Sleeping in. I am going to be doing some work on my house. Other than that: enjoy life!”

Photo courtesy of: Angela Barry

Sue DeNoyer

General Advisor and Office Coordinator for the Criminal Justice Department

Years at Western: 24 years and seven months

Favorite part of working at Western: “By far, the highlight of my time at (Western) has been working directly with students and getting to see that I could make a positive impact on their success here.”

Plans after retirement: “The first plan is to delete the ‘work day’ alarm from my phone! Then I plan to tackle a mountain of tasks around my home, do some traveling and spend as much time as I can with my granddaughter, family and friends.”

Photo courtesy of: Sue DeNoyer

Kevin Hughes

Landscape Maintenance Coordinator

Years at Western: 28 years

Favorite part of working at Western: “I really appreciate having the landscape look as best as possible for all people to enjoy.”

Plans after retirement: “Working at home on our farm, projects at home, working with the homeless at Union Gospel Mission in Salem, having fun with my kids and grandkids and an extra cup of coffee in the morning!”

Photo courtesy of: Kevin Hughes

Bob Hautala

Associate Professor, Division of Health and Exercise Science

Years at Western: 14 years

Favorite part of working at Western: “My interactions with students — in classes, going to athletic events, theater presentations, concerts, etc. and serving on several university committees that had a significant student presence.”

Plans after retirement: “Nothing specific yet, other than to continue to live in Oregon and find ways to stay engaged in life and all that it has to offer.”

Photo courtesy of: Bob Hautala

John Henslee

Trades Maintenance Coordinator for Housing

Years at Western: 41 years as a student, student employee and full-time employee

Favorite part of working at Western: “The best part of working here is the people, I have had a great crew over the years — it’s the best I’ve ever had right now — and have always enjoyed working with the student population whether it be as residents or employees in our shop.”

Plans after retirement: “I am planning on getting a lot more involved in my church, tying lots of flies, painting and drawing lots of pictures, making furniture, making knives, picking my guitar … and a bunch of other things I have been too busy with work to do.”

Photo courtesy of: John Henslee

Willy Lerum

Business Manager for Student Engagement

Years at Western: 30 years

Favorite part of working at Western: “Interacting with the students and making long lasting friendships with folks on campus.”

Plans after retirement: “I’m taking a couple of months off to just relax … after that, we’ll see what happens.”

Photo courtesy of: Willy Lerum


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