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Alumni: Where are they now?

An inside look into the lives of Western graduates

Caity Healy | Lifestyle Editor

With the end of the academic year just around the corner, graduating seniors are preparing to take that considerable step from Western student to Western alumni. As daunting as this prospect can be, seeing the way that previous Western students, now Western alum, have reached success in different aspects of their lives can be a comfort.

Here are what a few alumni are up to now to display that success can be found through any path a student chooses to take during their time at Western.

Katie Waugh

Graduated with: Bachelor of Arts in education in 2008, Master of Science in education with ESOL endorsement in 2010

Currently: Waugh is in her 10th year of teaching. She taught for nine years in Falls City, Oregon and one year in Monmouth, teaching first grade, second grade and kindergarten. Next year, she is heading back to Eugene and will be teaching kindergarten at Mt. Vernon Elementary.

Best Memory of Western: “Obviously meeting Patrick Waugh, my husband, at Western was the biggest highlight. Being an RA was an awesome experience, too. And … coming into my own as an adult and, as cliche as it is, finding myself was great. It has been awesome to stay close by so long and to have an opportunity to mentor other student teachers from (Western),” commented Waugh.

Photo courtesy of: Katie Waugh

Darlin Gray

Graduated with: Bachelor of Arts in art with a major emphasis in graphic design and a minor emphasis in printmaking and a minor in French in 1996

Currently: Gray moved to Seattle after graduation and started her own firm, which she is still running. Originally, she contracted in-house for larger design firms, ad agencies and corporations with in-house creative teams during the day and work for her own clients nights and weekends, but over time it has evolved into her working solely for her own clients.

Best Memory of Western: “During (the time) I was on campus, Campbell Hall was renovated and reopened … I can still feel the elation of going into the new building when it was reopened. We were a little afraid to dive into doing art in the new environment because it was so clean,” said Gray.

Photo courtesy of: Darlin Gray

Nawwal Moustafa

Graduated with: Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies with focuses in psychology and theatre in 2013

Currently: Moustafa works primarily in education. She has worked as a teacher in New York, then in Portland and now works for an education policy organization with a focus of bettering Oregon’s high school graduation rates. On top of this, she is also a comedian and an illustrator. She performs improv comedy in Portland, as well as festivals all over the country, and she released a coloring book in 2016 titled “Chin Up, Dreamboat.”

Best Memory of Western: “My favorite memory from Western is probably my three years as a PLUS team member!” said Moustafa.

Photo courtesy of: Nawwal Moustafa

Kevin Boss

Graduated with: Bachelor of Science in physical education with a business minor in 2007.

Currently: Boss married his college sweetheart and Western alum Breanna Boss (formerly Breanna Ramsey) in 2009. Together, they have three young kids: Zeke, age 5; Houck, age 4; and Nora, age 2; with another baby girl due this fall. After a six-year career in the NFL, Boss and his family moved to Bend, where he opened up his own Sports Performance Training Facility called Boss Sports Performance.

Best Memory of Western: “My favorite memory from Western is all of the relationships created there that have stood the test of time. And Yang’s,” said Boss.

Photo courtesy of: Kevin Boss

Elise Bradley

Graduated with: Bachelor of Science in education in 1981, completed Master of Science in 1985

Currently: Bradley is an instructor and supervisor of student teachers for Oregon State University College of Education. She was a classroom teacher at various elementary schools for 31 years prior to her current position at OSU.

Best Memory of Western: “I am most fond of the people, students and professors I met and had the opportunity to learn and grow with. The scuba class held in the campus pool is definitely a highlight,” said Bradley.

Photo courtesy of: Elise Bradley

Evan Sorce

Graduated with: Bachelor of Science in political science and a minor in social sciences in 2010

Currently: Sorce moved to Salem to get involved in local politics, volunteering for local candidates. He worked for Catholic Community Services in the quality department for two years, then left to work for Representative Paul Evans in the Oregon State Legislature. He currently works there and has become active in the Marion County Democratic Party and the Salem Sunrise Rotary.

Best Memory of Western: “The organizations I had a privilege to be a part of. I spent two years as a Peer Mentor, one year as an ASWOU Senator and one year as Student Body President,” commented Sorce.

Photo by: Evan Sorce


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