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The Western Journal is the official student newspaper of Western Oregon University. It is published weekly during fall, winter and spring terms under the authority of the Student Media Board. The Western Journal Newspaper, published for use by Western students, faculty and staff, is private property. A single copy of the Journal is free from newsstands. Unauthorized removal of multiple copies will be considered theft and is prosecutable.

Mission Statement

The Western Journal has at the heart of its mission publishing news, information, and opinion articles for and about student, faculty, and administration activities, interests, and policies; maintaining a high ethical standard with regard to personal and legal rights, responsibilities, and above all else, accuracy; providing a public forum that encourages and prints free and responsible expression of student opinion and presents well-balanced, locally researched issues of broader student interests; striving for a high level of competency in the technical aspects of writing, including grammar, spelling, clarity, and precision; welcoming diversity and increasing the scope and depth of its coverage in order to heighten mutual understanding and awareness throughout the entire campus community; and fostering the development of professional journalism at Western Oregon University in light of the campus’s lack of a formal journalism program.

The Western Journal’s Staff



Stephanie Blair


Zoë Strickland
Managing Editor



Jade Rayner
Copy Editor




Samantha Dunaway
News Editor




Caity Healy
Lifestyle Editor




Simson Garcia
Sports Editor



Entertainment Editor


Darien Campo

Elissa Sorenson

Paul F. Davis
Photo Editor



Online Media Manager



Advertising Manager





Distribution Manager


Rhys Finch, MBA
Student Media Adviser


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