About the Data Warehouse

WOU’s Enterprise Data Warehouse is designed to be a single repository of all data generated by all of the systems at the university. Currently the data warehouse contains student data. The data is organized in a way that is designed for reporting and analysis.

Business Intelligence Reports

One of the main benefits of the data warehouse is that WOU can generate business intelligence reports based upon the information stored. These reports can be used to gain a greater insight on the status of the various facets of the university. For more information on the reports that are currently available for use, please visit the Data Warehouse Report Catalog.

Accessing the Data Warehouse

We currently use BI/Query as our reporting tool for the Data Warehouse. To access the Data Warehouse you will need a Banner account.

Banner Access

To get access to use the Data Warehouse, you will need to contact Faye Whitenack by sending an email to whitenaf@wou.edu.

To get BI/Query

To get BI/Query you will need to have a computer with the Windows XP Operating System. (If you have Windows 7 or you are a mac user, please see the help section of this page.) You will need to contact UCS to install BI/Query onto your machine. Once you have BI/Query on your machine, you will want to attend trainings to learn how to use the tool.


Various types of trainings are offered throughout the year. We encourage you to attend as many as possible.

Training Schedule

To sign up for a training date, you can contact Christina Robb by sending an email to robbc@wou.edu


What if I have a mac? What if I do not have Windows XP?
You will still need Banner access but you will not be able to install BI/Query on your machine. Instead you can remote desktop into WOU’s Terminal Services and use BI/Query from there.

For any additional help, please contact the UCS Service Request Desk
For assistance please call: the on campus extension 88925 (503-838-8925)
Or email ucshelpdesk@wou.edu.


WOU EDW Data Dictionary



Cognos is a web-based BI (Business Intellegence) reporting tool that will replace BI Query in the future.

A delivery date for Cognos has not yet been set.
The Data Warehouse Team is currently in the development and testing phases of the Cognos SIS Data Warehouse.