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WUC Construction & Remodel Information

The WUC has finished a remodel and minor expansion in fall 2011. This piece has enabled the facility to be more student-friendly, meet the growing needs of our students and bring the Multicultural Student Services and Programs (MSSP) office in the building and the heart of campus.


Thanks to Soderstrom Architects, LCG Pence Construction and all of the students, staff, faculty and guests who have had patience to complete this project!



WUC Construction & Remodel UPDATES





This will be the last update before we open the new addition! We expect to have things done with the addition around 10/22-10/24 or so - in time for Homecoming! Windows and glass are being put in today as noted from pictures. Carpet and other finishings will be done beginning of next week. The last piece is the NanaWall and that is running late, so that won't be ready until Mid-November, but we will open before then. The Willamette Room is a "smart conference room" as well and ready for guests and groups. Enjoy!




Top Row (Left to Right)


Interior Space showing windows and projector screen
Women's Restroom (yes, partitions are coming)
Glass assembly and tinting to keep UV and heat insulated


Bottom Row (Left to Right)


Glass installation - dark glass helps with south-facing heat and climate control
Glass - you can still see lights and activity inside the facility!





It's been awhile since the last update due to classes start, New Student Week and the fact that our interior spaces are occupied by their occupants! All that is left is the expansion, which continues to go well and targets a completion date around October 22nd or so. Ceiling frames and aluminum on the exterior curtain walls are in. Paint and sheetrock is all installed. You can now see the form and function of the spaces much better!



Top Row (Left to Right):


Curtain wall and door to restrooms
Full interior shot showing entrance into main WUC. Ceiling grid is in.


Bottom Row (Left to Right):


2 exterior shots showing facade of the building with brick now in place.






Things are basically done in the offices! The new addition is still on-track for an opening the end of October! Here are the latest pictures.




Top Row (Left to Right):


West Foyer Lobby next to MSSP entrance, Klamath Room and new Willamette Room
MSSP Entrance with new reception desk
New spandrel glass near Oregon Room and Summit


Second Row (Left to Right):


VP Student Affairs Office
ASWOU Entrance Foyer with Book Exchange on the Left
ASWOU Back Cabinet Office


Third Row (Left to Right):


Neon lights in the new KWOU Media office
Student Media and WOJ space
Exterior of addition with Brick going up


Fourth Row (Left to Right):


Close Up of the Brick
Full Exterior Shot





Things are winding down in many of the areas associated with the remodel interior! We have been told that work will be wrapping up within the next couple of weeks. Moves are scheduled with offices so that September 13-15 we will have people in their new locations. The expansion won't be ready until late October, but much of the rest of the work will be complete!



Top Row (Left to Right):


Oregon Room view towards MSSP (Summit on the right)
MSSP Office - looking towards front entrance through their office
Topping Slab in New Addition - looking at view from windows
Close up of the leveling slab of material to keep floors smooth


Middle Row (Left to Right):


Willamette Room - looking back towards restrooms (hallway door access on the right)
Student Media doorway and entrance with glass installed
Student Media lobby with cabinetry being put in
ASWOU lobby with Book Exchange cabinetry in place


Bottom Row (Left to Right):


ASWOU Office/Student Org. Lounge - entrance and cabinetry
ASWOU Back Office
New Columbia Room entrance area with new carpet
Exterior of New Addition taking shape!





The changes are happening daily in the Werner University Center! From paint around the fireplace to light fixtures to much more! Carpet is appearing as are cabinets in various areas. A bunch of picture below are available now for you to examine.



Top Row (Left to Right):


Foyer in front of Wolf Express and MSSP - temp. walls are down!
Fireplace in Oregon Room/MSSP Lounge - new colors
MSU Office
Light fixtures going back up in MSSP Lounge


Second Row (Left to Right):


Framing the new restrooms and storage closet
New addition space
ASWOU entry foyer - Book Exchange will be done in this open area
Cabinetry in the ASWOU Break Area - similar to theme throughout


Bottom Row (Left to Right):


Carpet in Student Media conference room
1st floor lobby hallway by Pacific Room - getting put back together
Exterior Shot with new walls
Exterior Picture





The last structural walls have been poured in the new addition and planning for our giant HVAC unit to provide heating and AC to the area is underway. In other areas, door frames and painting continues with the plan to have carpet installed in the new ASWOU and Media locations later this week. A couple hiccups have occurred with electrical panels and some timing issues is pushing back the new Willamette Room's start to hopefully October 28th. We'll keep you posted!



Top Row (Left to Right):


VPSA Office - sheetrock all up to define the offices
ASWOU Storefront with paint for door frames
ASWOU office interiors with break room on left
Hallway in front of new Student Media area


Bottom Row (Left to Right):


KWOU Office
Exterior Shot
Exterior Shot
Klamath Room picture with size and scope now





The addition is picking up some steam in terms of visual changes and that should continue over the next few weeks. We have been told that September 9th is the likely finish date for all the interior areas and we are looking mid-end of October for the addition. Things are moving along well and we are still within our budget! Here are the latest pictures updating the construction:



Row 1 (Left to Right):


Marmoleum under former ASWOU office (now VPSA File Room)
ASWOU Offices (Student Org. Lounge) with ceiling painted dark now
ASWOU Back Office with ceiling painted (to hide pipes, etc.)


Row 2 (Left to Right):


Student Media Area
Student Media Conference Room (Note the accent wall color)
Student Media - Northwest Passage (Another accent wall color)


Row 3 (Left to Right):


Pacific Room Lobby (New wall and fixing soffit and reception desk)
Exterior of Addition (Curved steel being put in and last support walls getting ready)
Exterior (Note the area on right will be the new restrooms)


Row 4 (Left to Right):


Klamath Room from Lobby Area
View of doorway entrance to Willamette Room (2 large doors) extending to the exterior
Structural wall preparation marking edge of restrooms and lounge on the right side


Row 5 (Left to Right):


Restrooms looking back towards new lounge entrance
Oregon Room with Fireplace - ceiling has dropped about two feet in this area
Artistic wall area (glass with branches to be put in there) - will be a more intimate space.





It's Monday and a beautiful day at the Werner University Center! Most recent updates include construction crews finalizing connections between the beams with the structural steel and paint/plaster work continues on the interior portions as well as "terminal units" where air flow will now work in the WUC/SLA office areas.




Top Row (Left to Right):

Klamath Room back area (storage closet going in)
Caffe Allegro as it currently is - a door will go in the right wall opening in to...
Former ASWOU back office - will be an open lounge off of Allegro (with new paint)


Bottom Row (Left to Right):

HVAC in ASWOU Office area
KWOU door into the hallway near Pacific Room





Things are hopping with the addition right now! Structural steel is being put into place, which will provide the support and structure for the 2nd level. It also starts giving you a picture as to the size and scope of the new addition! In other areas, we are painting and patching and will be putting in drop ceilings here soon. We continue to be on pace for openings of the offices by about Labor Day!



Top (From Left to Right):

Interior of Student Media after much painting. Ceilings to be a dark color and open
Pacific Room Lobby - New structural wall and putting it back together begins soon
Crane used at the expansion area
Shots of the Addition


Shots of the structural steel and the addition





We had a noisy day in the WUC today with the cutting of some concrete nearby - to create a larger opening near the old Campus Recreation offices. Much of the work in the MSSP, ASWOU and Student Media offices focuses on taping and mudding the sheetrock and making things look good. We should be doing our first paint in these areas next week if you can believe that! Also, our concrete slabs were poured successfully last Friday and we will be doing some levelling and continue the framing on the addition. There is always a lot going on!


Left - The saw cutting of the concrete to create a larger opening into our mini-lounge
Center - Storefront entry to MSSP offices near Wolf Express
Right - Entry foyer to ASWOU including where cabinetry on left will be to suppor the Book Exchange.




In order to save some space on the website, I am going to convert pictures to thumbnails and you can expand them a bit by clicking on them...


Things continue to progress! Our contractors are pouring our cement slabs to support the 2nd level of the facility tomorrow (15th). The focus on the interior spaces has been drywall, insulation and the door frames being put in. Much of the rough-in stuff has been completed. We are being hampered a bit by delays in getting some paperwork done by the contracting company, so I hope that this won't delay things (crossing fingers).

Upper left - MSSP entry frame of door and windows
Upper right - Door frames to ASWOU areas and offices behind
Middle left - ASWOU back off area
Middle right - Insulation and grout - yummy!
Lower left - Student Media work and images





Not much change has happened in terms of visibility to the areas in the last week. The focus has been on electrical, plumbing and HVAC in the areas. Troubleshooting small issues with contractors and trying to get the most we can out of the project. Sheetrock continues to go up throughout.


First Row (Left to Right)
HVAC in MSSP Office Area
MSSP Conference Room
A look at the size and scope of the new Oregon Room lounge near MSSP
VPSA offices framed

Second Row (Left to Right)
ASWOU Offices - sheetrock going up
Student Media - more finishing work being done
Pacific Room 1st Floor Lobby - In the middle is where one of the new stabilization walls are going to be poured with concrete to support the second floor. The ticket counter is on the right.
Exterior as of 7/7




It's the end of the 2010-2011 fiscal year and things continue to progress in the WUC construction areas. Framing is now going up on the 2nd floor expansion lounge. In addition, much work has been done with HVAC (heating and AC) ducts throughout the facility. Some sheetrock has also been going up in various areas as well. Things are on-time and on-budget at this point!




Row #1 - Left to Right:

New VPSA Office area - a little wall removed to create space for the VP for Student Affairs, their file room and Assistants office areas.
Latest exterior shot showing the framing and duct work between the two floors.
ASWOU offices with some sheetrock up.

Row #2 - Left to Right:

Student Media - showing NW Passage, conference room, advisor office area.
Added picture showing the wall by the Pacific Room lobby where the men's bathroom wall used to be. It will come back, but with structural work being done to shore up the 2nd level above.





The biggest changes in the last week to the various spaces has been the start of the old ASWOU area becoming office space for the Vice President for Student Affairs, but most noticeably, the changes to the brick facade and surface in the new addition. Pictures are below note the changes. Most interior spaces are focusing on electrical and mechanical pieces.


We can certainly hear the noise of construction (and feel the vibrations sometimes) throughout the building! Noise = progress!



Row #1 - Left to Right:

In Oregon Room looking out at the new addition space
Looking at the entry into the old Campus Recreation offices that will now be lounge space when complete.
Close up view of the new addition space. Notice that the entire roof has been torn off and all that remains is the basic cement slab.

Row #2 - Left to Right:

Exterior of addition.
Close up of addition. Where the brick used to be will now feature opaque glass that will continue up to tinted glass on the 2nd level.
Full shot of the construction of the new addition.





Lots of noise in the WUC today! Must be a Monday!! Here are some photos of the latest work...the most dramatic of which appears to be the Oregon Room and MSSP area.


ASWOU ASWOU Back office Pac. Lobby


Row #1 - Left to Right:

ASWOU Student Org. Lounge with closet on the right side
ASWOU Cabinet back office - more room!!!
Pacific Room lower lobby - being worked on and walls torn out to do bracing for the 2nd floor work to happen above it.
Exterior shot with lots of material from the roof being dumped into the dumpster.

Row #2 - Left to Right:

MSSP Office area with framing up - lots to do!
Close-up shot of MSSP
Roof work being done - lots of materials being changed and torn out.





The old ASWOU area has been abated and carpet torn out. Plus, we decided to include a couple random pictures showing the WUC with flowers nearby.






Work has begun tearing off the old brick facade over the Pacific Room entrance. Our construction fence now extends further out as demolition continues. In addition, work has started in the new Vice President for Student Affairs area as noted in the picture below.


Exterior Work Exterior2 VPSA Start





Framing has begun in the new ASWOU and Student Media areas. It enables us to put actual size and dimensions to the new areas. We have also received word that we are hoping to get the ASWOU, MSSP, Student Media and VPSA areas all done before Labor Day if things go well! Pictures showing the work are below.


KWOU Media Conf. Room NWP Shelby's Office
ASWOU Back Office ASWOU office ASWOU org. Lounge ASWOU President Ofc


Row #1 - Left to Right:

Framing KWOU and Media Storage Room
Student Media Conference Room
Student Media - Northwest Passage Office
Media - Shelby's Office

Row #2 - Left to Right:

ASWOU Back office area with VP office corner on the left
ASWOU offices for Office Coordinator, Senate President, Judicial Admin.
ASWOU Student Org. Area
ASWOU President Office (to be)




Here are some new pictures of the remodel process, including the new work on the Pacific Room lower level lobby and the old Oregon Room (New MSSP) locations.


ASWOU Packing Student Media Temp. Space New ASWOU Space
Den Remodel Pac. Room Lobby New MSSP


Row #1 - Left to Right:

ASWOU Packing Up
Student Media Temp. Space in Columbia Room
New ASWOU Space (Old Willamette Room)

Row #2 - Left to Right:

New ASWOU Space
Pacific Room Lobby Structural Work
Old Oregon Room and new MSSP Space





Demolition has begun!! Construction crews are currently working on demolition and removal of existing drywall, insulation and materials in the old Den and Student Media and Willamette Room locations. They will start doing work on the Oregon Room here very soon and isolate that area to limit dust and noise. They will also start on the expansion piece in a week once we are done with Commencement.


Here are a couple pictures of the demolition areas:

demo1 demo2


It has been a busy few weeks for us in the Werner University Center. The initial construction budget came in at $600,000 greater than was budgeted. This has forced us to reduce the initial scope of the project. Now, we are completing the addition, MSSP, ASWOU, Student Media as planned. We won’t be able to do all of the lounges on the upper level. The WUC/SLA office area remains where it is, while the Vice President for Student Affairs area moves to part of the existing ASWOU office areas. We then hope to convert the remaining ASWOU office areas to lounge next to Caffé Allegro once we determine money left over from the project.

Construction will be starting May 23-31. The Willamette Room, Den and Oregon Rooms will be offline during construction and disappear from use. The Columbia Room will be the temporary home to Student Media during the last 3 weeks of the term. Once the term is complete, ASWOU and Student Media will have furniture and belongings stored in the Columbia Room until their areas are complete.

We anticipate construction being done for MSSP, ASWOU, Student Media and such around September 12th or so. The new addition and lounge may not be ready until mid-end of October.

Thanks for everyone’s patience as we get things moving and finalized and get some dirt and dust finally flying!

“We are one month away from the start of the demolition and rebuilding of several areas of the Werner University Center! Around April 18th, the Den will disappear and make way for the new Student Media offices. Constuction will be a common piece for the next 6 months as we finalize plans and move forward. Today, the Steering Committee made choices involving carpet, laminate, information desks, paint and other interior areas. We think it will be a good look for the new spaces and improve the quality of the facility. Look for presentations around April 1st when our architects will show the campus what is in store!”



Construction planning continues!  Included in our plans are two new restrooms on the upper level of the facility – something we have needed for a long time!


Caffe Allegro will be open longer hours when the building is open – you will have the ability to study, have coffee and snacks in the comfort of our new lounges up until 10 p.m.!


Our pool table and TV are moving to the upper level – in a lounge across from the Bookstore entry!


We hope to have construction documents ready to two around March 4th – we will be scheduling our open campus sessions very soon as well!



Since we are coming in at our budget of $2 million, we are starting to get visuals as to what the upper lounges are going to look like!  We are thinking of putting the pool table, darts and big screen TV upstairs now with soft furnishings and near Caffé Allegro – this will create an exciting atmosphere for students to enjoy the WUC.  The other main lounge (where the Info. Desk is now) will be a quieter lounge environment that is great for studying!


The main WUC Information Desk will be moving to the corner between the Art Gallery and the Bookstore entrance – this will enable us to catch traffic from both the north and east entrances as well as not impede traffic by the Wolf Express convenience store!


Next Steering Committee meeting is on 2/18 for more updates.  We will schedule open campus sessions soon!




We have received an additional $250,000 towards the project as approved by ASWOU and the Incidental Fee Committee, meaning our project is approximately $2,000,000 in total.


Our first preliminary numbers are coming in with our project and should be at or slightly below that figure.


We have added in changes to the Columbia Room and more lounge space!  Under current plans, the Vice President for Student Affairs office as well as the Werner University Center, Student Leadership & Activities offices will move down in the Columbia Room.  The spaces in 203 and 210 will now all be completely converted into student lounges!!  More light and windows allowing for an open feel on the upper floor with increased activity on the lower level.  The space occupied by 210 will double as a conference room as needed and during the summer time!


User groups and steering committees continue to meet as we get closer to about 50% of the construction documents finished.  More details and a campus presentation will occur soon and will be advertised!






WUC Information Desk 503-838-8261 | or e-mail: