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Student Clubs and Organizations are here to support your interests. This web page is designed to help you as a student leader navigate your roles in your club. It will also be helpful if you are looking for general information on student organizations or interested in starting a club! Click on a link below to direct you for the area pertaining to your interests


Important Dates:

More information coming soon...




Mission of ASWOU Student Organizations

ASWOU Student Organizations provide a variety of experiences that help students make new friends, develop new skills and abilities, work as part of a team, learn to set and achieve goals, sharing time and talents, as well as having fun. As you grow at Western Oregon University, the more active you become with clubs and organizations, or getting involved, the more you will benefit from your educational experiences, both in and out of the classroom. Our 70+ student organizations are responsible for the majority of programs and events held on campus each year including lectures, special events, spirit/religious functions, sports and recreation, cultural and social events, and conferences.

On this website, you can look for clubs that speak to your interests, passions, academic pursuits, identities, goals and more! If you do not find a club that fits your interest, you can start one on your own!



Student Organization Tiers
Coming Soon!



Starting a New Organization
ASWOU recognizes over 60 clubs each year of varying interests! If you browse the club listing and cannot find the club you are looking for, then you should think about starting a new organization! To start a new club, follow the steps below:

  1. Be sure to read the Welcome Document (this is a link)
  1. Find at least 5 other students interested in joining your organization
  2. Recruit a fauculty and/or staff member to serve as the advisor
  3. Complete the Charter form with the necessary information, compose a constitution, and complete an advisor agreement in collaboration with your advisor.
  4. Submit all paperwork to the Director of Student Organizations in ASWOU
  5. Attend a New Organization Orientation Program




Club Sports
The Campus Recreation Club Sports program is designed to serve individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. Please visit the Club Sports web page for more information.


The following documents are required:
Club Sport Charter Form
Advisor Agreement
Risk Liability Form
 (***This form must be submitted before any travel or club activity commences at it’s respective time of year. It also may be updated throughout the year when additions are made to your teams***)



Training Programs
Student Leadership and Activities and ASWOU provide two required training programs throughout the year for all active student organizations. They are the Fall Club Retreat and the Spring Officer Transition Program. The Fall Retreat collaborates with the Residence Hall Association’s “Leadershop” to provide hands on training for club functioning, club changes, and leadership development. The Spring Officer Transition Program is oriented toward all active student organizations that have elected new executive boards/leadership teams in order to be trained on basic functioning and development. See the separate webpage’s for more details.

New Organization Orientation program is required for organizations that are starting up for the first time.



Additional Resources
Below, please find some additional resources for your organizational development and functioning:
- starting a club or organization
- membership: Recruitment and involvement
- Officers of Student Organizations
- Internal and External Conflicts
- budgets and tracking your money
- event planning on campus




Advisor Resources

Philosophy of Advising
Successful Student Organizations
Student Recognition
Running Effective Meetings
Campus Policies

Student Organization Forms
-2012-2013 Charter Form
-Transition Worksheet
-Advisor Agreement





Kara Kelsey
ASWOU Student Organizations Director



Advisor Resources

It is our goal to provide resources to all student organization advisors. Below you will find downloadable links for all advisors, advisor workshop dates, orientation for new advisors, and other resources available.

New Advisor Orientation
This program is held during Faculty Week fall term, where as advisors have an opportunity to meet with other advisors, ask questions, and learn policies for student organizations.


Advisor Workshop Dates
TBD- Transitioning your Organization-Rogue Room, WUC
TBD-  Continuity with Club Functions-Rogue Room, WUC


Advisor Agreement
This form is required for an organization to be chartered. This from is a guide for a dialogue to have with the student leaders in order to determine the type of advising they would like from you!

Other Resources

Philosophy of Advising

Successful Student Organizations

Student Recognition

Running Effective Meetings

Campus Policies


Click on the links below to go to the Microsoft Word document that details the information on that topic. You can then print that information, use any activities and such to aid your organization.


Student Resources


Starting a Club or Organization


Membership - Recruitment & Involvement


Officers (Presidents, etc.)



Financial Assistance

Budgets & Tracking Your Money
Fundraising and Vendors
Purchases & Invoices
Contracts for Services
Raffles, Ticket Sales, Cash Boxes



Travel Policies & Guidelines

What You Need to Do
Vehicles & Motor Pool
Student Travel Policies



Event Planning on Campus

Starting Off
Event Advisement
Marketing & Publicity
Food Guidelines on Campus
Dances & Movies Info.
WOU Posting Policies
Campus Activity Locations



Troubleshooting & FAQ



Student Leadership and Activities 503-838-8261 | or e-mail: