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Student Leadership and Activities

Safe Zone

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Current Chairs

Executive Chair - Stephanie Anderson

Executive Chair Elect - Angie Barry

Fundraising Chair - Debbie Diehm

Student Assistant - Amanda Valdez

Safe Zone Links

Coming Out Page

Gender Neutral Bathrooms of WOU
LGBTQ Imagery
LGBTQ Resources Page
LGBTQ Terminology Page
Order Safe Zone Shirts
Support Page
Trained Safe Zone Allies at WOU
Training Page
Work in Progress & History Page
LGBTQ Related Dates and Events



We are hosting this webinar Friday, April 18th at 10am in the WUC Columbia Room. Join us!


The author Robert C. Gallagher wrote, “Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.” Nowhere is this statement more true (sadly on both accounts) than on a college campus. Colleges and universities have always had a paradoxical relationship with change. We owe much of our lore and storied traditions to the past and yet, institutions of higher education are often on the forefront of dramatic technological and social change. Perhaps our romance for the past is driven by how often we are living in the future.

When change is necessary, it can be hard to know how to get people on board. Dr. Adam Peck is an educational consultant specializing in using “confluent values” to drive change. This concept is based on the assumption that when people share values, and these values can be understood, they can be used to set common vision and goals. For example, if a group is intrinsically motivated (motivated by strong personal values of what is right and wrong) trying to motivate them with incentives or money may not only fail to produce the desired motivation, they may actually de-motivate. Understanding how to assess how the values of a group impact their motivation is one of the most important leadership skills. This webinar will discuss how to align mission, values and action to accomplish new things.

So What is Safe Zone?

The Western Oregon University Safe Zone program seeks to form an ally network of students, faculty and staff committed and trained to provide safe, non-judgmental and supportive contacts for all WOU community members regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ally, and Asexual identities. We are committed to providing a campus atmosphere of universal acceptance and assistance.


Vision: To provide continuing education to the community about LGBTQQIAA inclusiveness on and off campus.


View our by laws here. (Link opens a Microsoft Word Document)


Safe Zone Committee

The WOU Safe Zone committee is composed of people committed to the issue of diversity on campus. We are composed of students, staff, and faculty.



All the below meetings are at 2pm in the Werner University Center Ochoco Room

April 29

May 13

June 10

May 27 (in the Little D room)




For more information, contact us at




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