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LGBTQ Imagery

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Gay pride flag

Rainbow - A flag or just rainbow imagery to show gay pride.

Bi pride flag Bisexual pride - A flag or image used to show bisexual pride
Transgender pride flag Transgender pride - A flag or image used to show transgender pride.
Genderflag Genderqueer pride- A flag or image used to show genderqueer pride.
Asexual pride Asexual pride - A flag or image used to show asexual pride.



Pink triangle

Pink Triangle - Used to designate gay men in Nazi Germany - symbol used now to designate gay pride.

Black triangle

Black Triangle - Also used by the Nazis in Germany. Used to represent lesbian women as "political deviants" since they didn't acknowledge women loving women.


Lambda Symbol - From the Greek letter lambda as a symbol for the gay rights movement.

Pink/blue triangle

Blue and Pink Triangle - Bisexual pride symbol.

Trans symbol

Trans Symbol - Symbol signifying trans awareness and support.

Safe Zone circle

Green Circle - The green circle has represented a "safe space" surrounding the traditional triangle designs. Thus, it is commonly used to represent Safe Zones



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