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Services we provide to our residents include:


  • Phone support
  • Install Network cards (for a fee)
  • Remove viruses and spyware (for a fee)
  • Network Connection Setup (for a fee)
  • Provide computer internet access to student rooms
  • Provide computer use at the Residential Lab
  • We provide students in the Residence halls virus protection via Sophos
  • We provide students with Ethernet cables and hubs if needed


Services we do not provide to our residents include:


  • We do not install Operating Systems.
  • We do not perform hardware upgrades such as hard drives or memory.
  • We do not perform software installations or removals.
  • We do not perform hard drive cleanings/removal of old unwanted files.
  • We do not perform printer maintenance, cleaning, or paper jam removal.


Services and Charges:


Residential Computing provides residents at WOU with the following services:
  • Network Card (self installation): $40
  • Network Connection Setup Fee: $25
  • Network Card and Network Connection Setup Fee: $65

    This fee is charged only once per term if a resident requires help from a ResComp staff member. Residents who request the $40 Network Card to be installed will also be charged a $25 Setup Fee. The Setup Fee will also be charged to any resident requiring a ResComp staff member to come to their room. ResComp staff has sole discretion for charging or not charging any resident.

  • Anti-virus Cleaning Fee: $10

  • This fee is charged once per incident. If a resident requests ResComp to clean their machine from all viruses possible, the Cleaning Fee will be assessed. In situations where a machine was disabled due to infection, the resident will be assessed the Cleaning Fee before Network Access is re-instated.

Residential Computer Lab (503) 838-9201 | or e-mail: