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Campus Dining

  "Dedicated to our customers' satisfaction"

Our mission is to exceed our customers expectations. Please fill out a comment card and let us know how we are doing.

Valsetz Dining Hall is open to all!

Valsetz Dining Hall is located within the Residential Hall Complex located at the northern end of campus. Cash, Credit and Debit Transactions and all Meal Plans are all accepted. Valsetz is open for Service for the Academic Year. Please see the link to Campus Dining hours above for specifics.

image of white tesxt Valsetz Dining Hall on black backgournd 

Valsetz Dining Hall, is centrally located to the residence halls. The varied menu options available at Valsetz include:

Looking for "feel good" food? You know - the kind of food that evokes fond memories and happy times.

Come to Homestyle in Valsetz and you will find food to warm not only your stomach but your heart and soul as well.

From Roast Turkey Dinner, to Macaroni and Cheese to ethnic dishes such as Enchiladas - they can all be found at Homestyle.

Centre Stage has it all! From Hamburgers to Grilled Cheese to Char Broiled Chicken Breasts to Chicken Strips and Fries. If it can be grilled or fried, chances are you will find it here! All cooked with trans-fat-free and animal product free Rice Oil!

Centre Stage is also the location for Spotlight Menu items. Spotlight focuses on upscale and ethnic menu options.

Favories here include Spice Rubbed Grilled Salmon, and Taco salads made to order. Take your place in line and ENJOY!

Hungry for a great Sandwich? You build your own here! Select your bread from a variety of options then add cheeses and meats. Top it all off with condiments of your choice to complete your masterpiece!

Choose from a daily selection of savory soups to accompany your sandwich or ladle up a full bowl as a meal in itself.

Sandwiches are priced by the pound and soup and sandwiches are both available to take out in our compostable containers or relax and eat in!

Priced by the pound and weighed at the register, you can prepare a side salad, or make a meal of it. Choose from a wide variety of fresh greens, beans, vegetables of all colors and tofu to build the salad of your dreams!

An excellent selection of salad dressings, as well as extras such as croutons, sunflower seeds and parmesan cheese are all waiting to crown your creation.

Finally, fresh fruit, cottage cheese and several options of prepared salads can be found here to complete your meal.

Here, YOU are the chef! Start your day off with a homemade Belgian Waffle that YOU make. Top it as you like - strawberries and whipped cream or syrup and butter - whatever YOU like!

When lunch or dinner rolls around, you can prepare your own plate of Stir-Fry. Chooose vegetarian. With our without tofu. Add chicken. Season it to YOUR tastes. Cook it exactly the way YOU like it!

At Wok and Waffle, you become your own Personal Chef - Bon Appetite!

Got a sweet tooth? Crave cookies or sweet cupcakes? At the Valsetz Baking Co. your sweet tooth will not go unsatisfied! An enticing assortment of Baked Goods awaits you.

On any given day, you might choose from an exquisite piece of Cake, Pie or the rich sweetness of Fruit Crisp. Donuts, Freshly Baked Cookies as well as delicate plain and filled Croissants beckon enticingly.

At lunch and dinner you will find savory slices of Pizza and at Late Night, whole Pizzas and Calzones are made to order.

In between classes and searching for something to Grab and Go? Head for the Carbo Centre. It is well stocked with milk (plain, chocolate or alternative), cereal, coffee, bottled juices and water. You can serve yourself frozen yogurt or grab an espresso or fountain drink. Still looking? . . .

Try yogurt, a candy or nutrition bar, chips or a toasted batel with your choice of butter, cream cheese or peanut butter and jam.

The possibilities go on and on. The idea is, if you are looking for somtthing to eat or drink on the run, this is the spot for you. If Valsetz is open - so is the Carbo Centre!


For information about how to check your Meal Plan Balance, Add Money to your Food Account, Replace your Lost Student ID/Meal Card or to find out how to Change your Meal Plan - use the Meal Card Tips link below.

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