Annual Programs

Dia de los Muertos, October 27-31, 2014

Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is a time for the spirit of the deceased to return home and visit loved ones, feast on their favorite foods and listen to their favorite music. MSU honors our deceased with ofrendas, or offerings, which may consist of photographs, bread, other foods, flowers, toys and other symbolic offerings.

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Out and Proud, February 2-6, 2015

This event celebrates and explores the various cultures and ethnic backgrounds that are within the LGBTQ community and recognizes their challenges as well as celebrates their achievements and success.

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African-American Awareness Celebration, February 23-27, 2015

During the African-American Awareness Celebration, we honor the many contributions of African-Americans. From historical figures to today's prominent leaders, we recognize this rich culture and its traditions through music, food and celebration.

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Women of Culture Celebration,March 2-5, 2015

Women of Culture Celebration aims to honor and acknowledge the diversity within women in different communities. The purpose of this event is to bring awareness to our campus by providing workshops, keynote speakers and a variety of interactive activities involving different issues and aspects that affect women.  This event is inclusive to both men and women in the pursuit of educating our campus on the importance of women’s rights within different traditions.

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Pow-Wow, April 18, 2015

Vendors, dancers, drummers and fry bread help make our annual MSU Pow-Wow a success. Our Pow-Wow includes a dance competition as well as a dinner. The dance competition is open to tiny tots, teens, men and women. The categories include fancy dancing, traditional dancing, grass dancing and jingle dancing.

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Nuestra Fiesta Latina, May 15, 2015

MSU invites everyone to Nuestra Fiesta Latina with activities for all ages, entertainment such as mariachi music, salsa and merengue dancing, traditional food and a "baile" to end the day. This event strives to bring together individuals from our local community and our campus community to celebrate and experience the Latino culture.

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