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Western Oregon University Consumer Information

Federal regulations require universities to provide consumer information to students, families, faculty and staff. The links below will provide you with detailed information regarding each topic.


 General Institutional Information

About WOU


Accrediting agency


Code of student responsibility


Current degree programs


Instructional, laboratory and other physical facilities


Faculty and other instructional personnel


Plans for university improvement


Transfer credit policies


Students' rights under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


 Costs of attendance, refund and withdrawal policies

Western Oregon University Tuition Promise


Cost of attendance for financial aid and tuition and fees


Textbook costs


Room and board costs


Refund policy


Withdrawal policies
WOU Withdrawal Policies


Policy for students with financial aid who withdraw from WOU (Return of Title IV Funds)

 Campus Safety Reports

 University Reports

Retention rates


Completion and graduation rates


Types of employment obtained by graduates


Graduation rates for student athletes


Athletic participation rates and financial support data


 Financial Aid Information

Financial assistance available to students


Financial aid eligibility and "need"


Financial aid programs at WOU and Federal Student Aid program information


Terms and conditions of Federal Direct and Perkins Loans


Applying for financial aid


Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements for undergraduates or graduates


Ineligibility due to a drug conviction


Federal Direct and Perkins Loans repayment information


Student employment policies


Withdrawal information for financial aid recipients (R2T4 policy)


 Services to students with disabilities

 Enrollment in study abroad programs and financial aid eligibility

 Copyright policies

 Voter registration link

 Constitution Day


Financial Aid Office 
toll free 1-877-877-1593 | or e-mail:
Location:Administration Building, Room 310