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Interpreter Internships Application Process and checklist


The following are all required prior to acceptance to the internship placement:

  1. Completed application form online
  2. Cover letter
  3. Resume
  4. Two letters of recommendation provided by two of the following:
       a) a deaf consumer,
       b) interpreter Education Program professor,
       c) a previous mentor,
       d) a past employer in an interpreting related field,
       e) a colleague in the interpreting field.
  5. Assessment of your skills.
       •  If you are a local intern, you will be asked to come into the Office of Disability Services for an interview and skills assessment.
          This video will not be required.
       •  If you are not in the local area, submit video sample of your work. See directions for video segment below.
  6. Interview (scheduled after applicant's materials are received)


Directions for the video segment:


Office of Disability Services (503) 838-8250 VTTY; fax (503) 838-8721 | or e-mail:
Location: APSC room 405