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Career Services is your partner in today's competitive, global job market.  With personal attention and online services available
24-7, we're here to help you through the job search process- from exploring possible fields to preparing for interviews, landing
internships to launching your professional career.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are commonly used for casual social networking. However, when used appropriately, these avenues can be effective professional networking tools.


When using Facebook for this purpose, you must carefully manage your online presence and maintain your account professionally. More often than not, before a company makes a job offer, they’ll do the obligatory online search of your name. Aim for an online presence that highlights your achievements and career passions. Be aware of your Facebook presence - filter embarrassing photos, inappropriate comments, and senseless apps (e.g. Love Quotes). Even more, use your Facebook page to give yourself an advantage. Make your profile picture a clean image of yourself; link tweets and blogging to Facebook.


On Twitter, follow industry companies and leaders; engage in interactions with them. Interact through retweeting, favoriting posts, and responding to career discussions. Once you have established a relationship, tweet about your job search, professional achievements, and passion for the field. This is a powerful strategy to market yourself and attract company recruiters. Keep your tweets professional, concise, and eye-catching.
There are a number of Twitter accounts like Tweet My Jobs that are great sources of job openings. Find one that suits your needs.


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