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Career Services is your partner in today's competitive, global job market.  With personal attention and online services available
24-7, we're here to help you through the job search process- from exploring possible fields to preparing for interviews, landing
internships to launching your professional career.

Gaining Experience

When it comes to career and personal development, experience is the key. Through experience and engaging with others, you learn about yourself and the world, gain skills and confidence and demonstrate your passion to employers and graduate schools.



Internships are the best way to jump start your career. A good internship provides a supervised work environment where you can apply what you learned in the classroom, test drive your career aspirations, and create connections that will impact your career.


WOU Internship Guide
Preparing to find an internship
Strategies for finding an internship

WOU Community Internship Program

Intern, Volunteer and Study Abroad


International experience is highly recommended and can prepare you to work with diverse people and develop adaptability and confidence that is essential to career success.


International Internships
Volunteering Abroad
Study Abroad

Part-Time Jobs (off campus)  

Students, who work up to 15 hours/week, do better in college, gain skills and real world experience, and help finance their education. There are many opportunities in the local area.


Preparing to find a Part-time job
Strategies for finding a Part-time job

On Campus Employment  

On campus employment offers great flexibility and convenience for students. On average,1385 students are employed at WOU during the school year, so your chances of finding a position are great.


Prepare to find a job on campus
Strategies for finding On-
Campus Employment




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